Membership – Classes – Enrolment

Frankston U3A is one of the first wave of Victorian U3As’ to implement the U3A Member Administration System (U-MAS, formerly SMMS), which has been recommended for all U3As’ in Victoria.  

U-MAS provides great benefits to both members and management with basic tasks now being able to be performed online rather than having to visit our office.  This is especially useful during the annual Enrolment Day process.

However, if you either do not have a computer or feel uncomfortable using it for this purpose, then assistance will be provided at our office.

If you want to join U3A Frankston, just click on Join U3A and you will be issued a Membership Number and Password.

If you are an existing member and want to review your details, just click on Member Login.  You will need your Membership Number and Password to Login.

If you want to look at our courses, just click on Courses.  You DO NOT need to be logged in as a member in order to view courses. Hint: In U-MAS, hover your mouse over a course to see numbers enrolled to date and the wait list for that course.  Click on a course to see more details.

If you want to Enrol in a course,  you must have joined U3A Frankston and been issued a Membership Number and Password and logged in to use this function.  Once logged in, go to Courses to start enrolling by adding courses to your “Cart”.  Just like shopping!!