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Welcome to Frankston U3A for 2020

Important Notice
Suspension of Classes

Due to the evolving situation with COVID-19 (Corona Virus), and on instruction from President, Andrea McCall, the Committee has decided to suspend all classes until further notice (see below update).  This is effective from 15th March, 2020.  We believe that this is in the best interest of all our members. 

The U3A Frankston Office is now closed and will remain closed until further notice. 

We will monitor the situation closely and advise immediately of any changes.

Update 30th July 2020

Arrangements have now been set in place to conduct some courses using Zoom (computer based) technology and some that are held externally may also be able to be recommenced once restrictions are relaxed e.g. walking & riding groups.  A full list of available classes is shown by clicking the Courses button on right side of this page.  Note that as online enrolment has been suspended, if you are interested in joining any of these classes, you must e-mail the U3A office on u3af.org.au and you request will be passed to the relevant tutor.

Covid-19 Corner

Just because we aren’t able to be in the office doesn’t mean we’ve stopped working on programs and strategies for U3A Frankston and all of our dedicated members.

We currently have two grant submissions under way for programs that will be fun and inclusive to those members who whish to take part.  These will be conducted once funding is approved and are designed to be done from home.  Notice will be put out through all our channels to let you know when the grant has been approved and registration can be made.

Program 1. Online Trivia Quiz.  This will be done through the Zoom platform and full instructions and calls for registration will be via our web site, Facebook page, online tutors, etc.  You will be given ample notification of when it is going to take place and what the rules of the quiz are.  This is the perfect chance to use your computer skills, learn new ones and connect with other U3A members.  Prizes will be given to the achievers and strategies will be put in place to ensure no “googling” goes on.  The aim of the quiz is to provide some fun to all participants, utilise a little bit of the grey matter and reconnect with U3A in a light-hearted way.  Stay tuned for further information.

Program 2. Pen Pal.  Are you missing connecting with your fellow students at U3A?  In this time of isolation and loss of U3A friendships and social networks and with still a lot of members who don’t use anything technical in the way of computers, iPads or smartphones, we thought it might be a nice idea to run a program that all members can be involved in.     We would love you to join our Pen Pal program when it is up and running.  It will enable you to meet some new people, stay connected with your community, give you a specific purpose a few days a week, and just have some good old fashioned fun of writing letters.  U3A will provide all the necessary stationery and stamps; we will also include some suggested topics of conversation and some uplifting inserts to help make it more engaging.

  • COVID-19 Easy to make mask.  No sewing. LINK
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Office Hours 9:15am to 3:00pm
Monday to Friday

(excluding Public Holidays).

If you are retired or semi-retired and want to become more active, make new friends and expand your skills and learning opportunities, then Frankston U3A is for you.  We provide a supportive learning environment within a community where people share their knowledge and skills.

We have over 700 members, more than 60 courses and over 50 tutors. Members enjoy a wide range of classes, social activities and the opportunity to make new friends in a relaxed yet stimulating environment! 

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